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The Swordcast Adventures

Nov 20, 2017

As our heroes finally make it inside of the keep they find that the crypts below aren't as vacant as one would hope. Fighting for their lives they must find a way out of this pit or be just another permanent fixture in these cold halls.

Orc-infested Keep:

Tunnel Entrance/ Crypt:


First Floor:First floor


Second Floor:




Nov 13, 2017

Our humble narrator is on a little beach trip, so let's let the characters themselves tell us how this whole wild adventure began. Let us listen in to where they began their journey in life that has led them to find their way to this mysterious isle.




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Nov 6, 2017

As our intrepid band of adventurers travel deeper into the forest, they stumble across the keep they were searching for.  What they find there is that 4 heads may not be better than 1. 


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