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The Swordcast Adventures

Dec 21, 2020

After returning from the mountains, our heroes plan their next move and prepare to set sail. They meet their new crew and tie up some loose ends in Oceanshade before departing for Stormhaven. There is much more for them to do.

Intro music created by Noah Briton

A Jaunty Tune, Obsidian Vale, A Sunken Miniboss, A Sunken...

Dec 7, 2020

Our heroes take a much needed evening to cool off in the peaks of the Dimoni Mts. before starting their trek back to Oceanshade. Along the way they see the life coming back into the region. Once in front of the Leering Eel they draw a crowd as they announce the death of the Molten Scourge.

Intro music created by Noah...

Nov 16, 2020

Our heroes stand face-to-face with the Molten Scourge as he waits for them to lay down their possessions and swear their lives to him. The heroes, however, have come here with a different plan. There are people who want their home back, and they intend to deliver.

Intro music created by Noah Briton

Death, Endless, and...

Nov 2, 2020

Our heroes push deeper into the inferno that is the Molten Basilica. With more kobolds and traps around every corner they continue their search for the red dragon. Will they be able to get a drop on him, or will his voice be their end?

Intro music created by Noah Briton

Aldwynn and Gaian Slayer from the Death's Gambit...

Oct 19, 2020

Our heroes enter the Molten Basilica in search of the dragon known as the Molten Scourge. Inside they find a residence befitting such a name as well as a number of followers who try to keep them at bay. The heroes push in as far as they can and try to reach the volcanoes fiery center.

Intro music created by Noah Briton