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The Swordcast Adventures


Hello everyone, 

  I would like to humbly introduce our cadre of nerds.  All 6 of us have been playing D&D for quite sometime now be it in one configuration of another.  Prior to our podcast we had been playing both published modules and home brew work, and have had nothing but a blast working together.  At one point in our playing we had a player leave to walk the PCT (Pacific Coast Trail) so we decided to begin recording our sessions to keep him up to date with our game. Then using those as a foundation we got the crazy idea of working together on making this a legit podcast.  The story is new but like us wanting to include our friend off on an adventure of his own, we now spread our story to you all hoping that like him you can join us at our table where ever you may be.


The Dungeon Master,

Chris Knittle